Synastry (the compatibility of two horoscopes) is a part of astrology which studies the relationships between two horoscopes and analyzes the impact of one of them on the other. Before we get to the synastry it’ good to have a better and deeper understanding of ourselves, of our models of behavior and our expectations towards others. It’s also good to remind ourselves that in all our relationships it’s easier to change our own behavior than to try changing theirs.

The aim of the synastry is to explore the potential and the possible problems in the relationship, to clarify the influence of one of the couple on the other one and the impact of this relationship on the fates of both. This analysis doesn’t determine if the relationship is good or bad . It’s a pity if this method is used for this purpose since it will discredit the opportunities and the importance of this relationship in our life.

The laws of attraction, which are present both in metaphysics and psychology, is what predefines our attraction to certain people or the people we attract. The other important principle is the law of karma. Very often we are attracted to people who are different from us exactly because subconsciously we feel a lack of certain qualities or we try to compensate through our partners. Besides, not all of us need harmonious relationships, many of us prefer relationships with more conflicts and dynamics for a set of reasons.

If a certain relationship is hard or unhappy it’s possible that we ourselves chose it due to a subconscious conflict in our personality. Through this communication we aim to grow, realize our internal problem in the course of the relationship. Some people, for example, need to become more courageous, learn how to say “No” and stand up for themselves when a certain relationship becomes harmful to them. By doing this sometimes they can even take their lives to an entirely new level.

A big part of this section is devoted to love and marriage. Love is emotion, romance. Certain aspects between two horoscopes almost always create the magical state of “being in love” or the special sexual attraction – the “chemistry”.
Marriage, on the other hand, is a completely different story. Since it is done for different reasons, in order for it to be long-lasting the synastry need different aspects – another type of “chemistry”. Regardless of the initial sexual attraction and romance, its success depends on the intellectual and spiritual compatibility of the partners, on the degree of their common interests, their personal ethics and so on. Therefore there need to be other aspects in order to make it stable and happy.

The compatibility between parents and children is a very interesting topic. The analysis of these relationships almost always leads to a better, fuller understanding and acceptance of the inevitable differences between the family members. Regardless of the love the parents feel for their children, they always tend to judge both their potential and their perspective development from their own point of view. Sometimes the conflicts t arising in these relationships are caused by aspects which lead to a confrontation between the parent, is very authoritative, and the child, who sees itself as a teacher or an authority to the parent, due to certain astrological aspects. In cases like this one, discipline and proper parenting can become very hard to achieve.

Another important compatibility is the one with our co-workers. The negative and stressful aspects between the horoscopes of team workers can be very hard to overcome and often hinder the development of the working potential. There are even aspects which predispose two people to bring out the very worst in each other. This makes the achievement of any common goals impossible. There are some aspects which suggest dishonesty and deceit which often happens in strange and unforeseen circumstances. On the other hand there are aspects which define the luck of the common venture . And without lucky aspects even the most well-intentioned partnership cannot achieve success.

It’s good to remember that the synastry analyses through different astrological programs can be used to form a general overview. However, this shouldn’t be the base for any serious conclusions. It’s good to take into account only the aspects which are very close to the exact matches (for ex. Two or four degrees) and disregard the aspects with a wider orbit (eight or ten degrees) which are included by most astrological programs. Of course, there are additional rules for the separate aspects.

The composite horoscopes, which are a new element of this section of astrology, have a more specific function. According to the astrologers working with them, they are a good object of analysis if the relationship is at least an year or two old and the partners have realized certain elements of their relationship. According to them the composite horoscopes define more the mission, the aim of the bond.

Life is nothing but an opportunity for love to blossom. If you are alive the opportunity is there - even to the last breath.

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