Predictions are the part of astrology that simultaneously interests people and scares them the most. Every one of us has heard about amazingly frightening or accurate prognoses which were made by various astrologers through the centuries. Very often people are reluctant to turn to an astrologer for fear they will hear some inevitable fatal news with which they have to live with for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately there are a lot of people who have been terribly frightened by incompetent or manipulative prognoses. I can say that I have never seen such prognoses come true and in most cases they’re not even based on real astrology.

Another part of clients are afraid in the beginning that someone will gain control of their lives or that the prognosis will create subconscious programs that will start defining their actions. Honestly, if subconscious suggestions could so easy create and even improve our lives, astrologers all around the world would be viewed more as Santa Claus. Nowadays there are more opinions on the matter. Many supporters of the New Age are convinced that with positive thinking they can control their lives and therefore revoke entirely this part of astrology. They consider predictions to be unnecessary and very old-fashioned.
I guess they would be absolutely right if we really had actual contact with the higher power and we could embrace the ups and downs of life calmly and with absolute trust. Still, until we reach that enlightened state of consciousness, most of us still need some guidelines even if it’s just a weather forecast.

First of all, it’s good to remember that prognoses in astrology happen based on a likelihood – the absolute 100% certainty can never be achieved. According to studies, made by American astrologers, a well-defined horary chart can achieve 80- 85% likelihood. According to clients, the accurate predictions in the years horoscopes are about 70-80 %. If someone can guarantee that they can give you 100% accurate prognoses about an event, then they are either incompetent or a fraud.

This is why certain predictions which seem to threaten with a personal disaster shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Astrology cannot describe the forthcoming events too accurately. It shows their nature or the possible change, the parts of your life, which will be influenced by that change and the interval of time, during which the event in question will take place. This is almost always absolutely accurate. When an event takes place, many astrologers can use basic astrological dependencies in order to explain why it happened, but prediction in advance is a completely different story. Astrology takes into account a lot of factors; many things need to be considered simultaneously, especially when one uses a couple of methods at one time, which is necessary for the accuracy. The human mind cannot compute all this information at one time. This is why the astrologer needs to make a decision based on part of the factors. This is the main reason for the lack of 100 % accuracy. Apart from all this, people have free will whether to use the tendencies in their horoscopes or not. For example – there is a tendency for a marriage during the following year, but your current partner isn’t the prince you’re waiting for. So, the choice is yours. Very often people actions are based on subconscious models created in childhood or inherited from past lives and this make them completely blind to some opportunities. The way we take advantage of the tendencies depends also on our level of awareness, on the level we function on. If we let ourselves succumb to chronic depression, apathy or alcoholism how can we grasp even the best transits of Jupiter and Uranus? On the other hand, if we have a stable profession and we know our capabilities, even the hardest planetary influences could block or hinder our ambitions and achievements only temporarily.

Astrology works with “what could happen”, with the events that take place in an astounding number of cases and it is of absolutely no importance whether you believe in it or not. When the current circumstances in a person’s life, their past experience and current goals are taken into account, the accuracy of the prognosis can be greatly improved. A lot of people think that it’s better not to reveal any information about themselves to the astrologer so at least during their first consult they can test him/her. While this is reasonable, it can waste a lot of time and have a big effect on the accuracy of the astrological predictions. After all, the horoscope defines different possibilities and the astrologer isn’t a clairvoyant who sees exactly where you are at the moment and which resources you have used.

Another important point in this section is the object and the reach of the prognoses. I think that most predictions are meaningful when made for five or six years ahead . We can’t see the development of our lives much further than that and usually people don’t make plans and projects for the too distant future.

Aside from that, the predictions have to be made by using a combination of methods – transits, different progressions, solar revolutions, lunar months etc. Very often beginners in astrology try to make it based only on transits or only on progression and end up achieving disappointing results. Astrology mirrors life itself with its various opportunities and events so there are no rules that work 100% of the time.

The detailed horoscopes for the forthcoming year are very useful when we make plans and need to know what events will take place and in what order. In the event of a single question it’s time to turn to elective astrology or synastry which gives information about the interaction of two horoscopes.

It’s also good to know which the sensible spheres of application for astrology are. I, personally, wouldn’t take my whole career in an entirely new direction only because someone told me a certain profession is pre-destined for me and will make me very successful. Such decisions need to be backed by personal conviction of one’s talents, goals and potentials. After all, astrology is for the thinkers, not for the naive people, looking for a leader. Apart from all that, usually it takes some time – sometimes even a whole year – before we realize how we can make the most of the predictions, how we can tailor our behaviour to achieve better results. In many cases the best way to influence faith is by picking the best time (the subject of the elective astrology) to start something or undertake an enterprise. Another opportunity is the solar return which define part of the years tendencies since they vary with the different places around the world where one could be on their birthday. This subject I will discuss at length separately.

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