Natal astrology is based on the analysis of the chart that is drawn by calculating the date, time and place of one’s birth.

The birth chart is, in the first place, a representation of the potential which is contained in the horoscope. If the time of birth is accurate, the events in our life as well as the choices we make are embedded in the natal horoscope. On the other hand this doesn’t mean a complete predestination, inevitability or fatality of the destiny.

Each horoscope contains a number of life lines through which we can reach a fulfilment of our path in life. This is more of a general overview of the potentials we can develop, the people we could become. This is where our free will and conscious choices come into play. They determine what part of the initial potential we will develop and what we will overlook and underestimate.

The resources and opportunities in the horoscopes are different – this is the mark of fate, it’s never the same for any of us. Having said that, it doesn’t necessarily mean that only because a given horoscope contains more and happier opportunities, the person will really develop nicely and put them to good use. Again, this hinges entirely on our own choices and actions. We can all apply our own wishes but in the limits of resources which were predefined by our birth. At least we can find out where we are destined to develop with ease, what will support us and aid us in this endeavour and what will stand in our way to our goals.

Sometimes even an explanation of the reason we can’t easily learn foreign languages or why we can’t make decisions easily, can help us through life.

The birth chart gives us an opportunity to accept ourselves for who we are and thus reach inner peace.

It’s also possible the understanding will help us develop some potential, some talents we always felt we had in us.

The birth chart contains extremely accurate and important information about our character, both our strong points and our weak points – the way we act under pressure, the way we handle responsibility, our professional opportunities (always more than one), our predisposition to different illnesses, tendencies for marriage and children, our partners in love, the way we see our parents and the way they treat us. I must point out again that fatalism in astrology is a pointless approach. There isn’t anything to forbid us to become something or strive for something; there are just certain spheres in which we develop with more ease and others, in which we need to fight for success. If you are informed that something is going to be harder for you than average you can make a conscious decision whether to invest your efforts in it. Classic examples are the harmonious and negative aspects in the horoscope. The harmonious aspects and especially the configuration Grand Trine are very supportive and protective until a certain point in life and very often people with this configuration fail to develop real survival skills. Thus when the first life crisis hits, they are unable to do more than pray and just go with the flow. Many of these people end up wasting a big part of their potential. Another tense configuration is the Т-square, and if it contains hard planets, it can cause a lot of crisis in the first half of a person’s life. Later in life many of these people learn how to balance the tension and manage to create a very successful way of life.

When God's generosity flooded I was created. And with the adolescene of love I was guided. And from the ingredients of heart God has made the key that unlocks the treasurebox of all meanings.