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Karmic astrology

This topic is all the rage nowadays. Everyone is talking about karma and its lessons, about destined relationships and so on. Sometimes people even pick karma as the prime explanation for all of their problems, which prevents them from looking into the current situation and providing it with the needed attention .

Karmic astrology in its Western version is a relatively new section of this science. The classic western astrology was developed in a highly religious christian society, which rejects the idea of reincarnation. Therefore only when this idea were accepted from modern Western society this particular type of astrology began to develop. What is interesting for me here is that the really proficient karmic astrologers usually receive information through channelling and in many cases have some kind of shaman initiation- Martin Shullman, Jeffrey Wolf Green. The information received this way cannot be tested in practice unlike the other types of astrology, but usually deep down inside we know or feel the truth. In many cases life has already shown us the answer.

The astrological chart shows not only our lessons and debts from past lives but also the superior spiritual path the soul chose before reincarnating. Naturally, we always have a choice whether to take that path or not, but it's still a good idea to know something about the direction.

Karmic astrology shows the potential of values, talents, abilities and convictions with which we enter this life. Following their karmic lessons and direction often brings relief and clarity in one’s life and very often even visible success. After all it's easier to just go with the flow. Usually the time around the 36th year of a person's life is an indicator- the parts of their life, in which they followed their karmic goals are visibly successful and developing while the parts where they have followed the same old path , ignoring the signs of destiny, start failing. The other thing, which interests people is study of the relationships and connections with their partners, kids and parents, which are the lessons, which these relationships have to teach them. The karmic aspects between two horoscopes - the synastry -can give an answer to these questions.

It's important to keep in mind that karmic does not mean "for life", mandatory or compulsory. Most of the time we have a relationship with someone for a period of time, which shows us something about ourselves and after that both of us can continue on our way, following separate ways. If our karma is really heavy we may be compelled to take care of someone sick without a way out of these responsibilities, but these cases are extremely rare. We do not need to tell ourselves that we are burdened with bad karma or in karmic debt. In the end everything is karma, everything we do defines our karma in next lives and before we reach nirvana we cannot exit the spiral. Thus it’s best if we apply the information about karma with common sense.

The significators of karmic lessons in the horoscope are the North and South Nodes, the transsaturnian planets if retrograde , especially Pluto, also Chiron, the Black moon (Lilith) and the Vertex point. I personally consider "Astrology for the soul" by Jean Spiller, which deservedly has been republished for the third time, "Karmic astrology" by Martin Shulman and "Pluto" by Jeff Green, R. blashke to be the best books on this topic.

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