Horary astrology is an ancient section of this science, in which a chart is made for the exact time the astrologer receives the question from the client. For me horary astrology is one of the most astonishing aspects of this vast array, because usually it is nearly impossible to imagine how the precise position of the stars in a particular moment in time can give us an accurate answer to such trivial questions as “Where are my lost keys?”, “Are we separated for good?”, “Should I buy this house/car?”, “Will I pass my exam?” and so on.

This particular type of astrology was used even in ancient times. There are some brilliant literary examples of the art of giving exact answers, dating way back to IV-V BC from Alexandria and Siena. Horary astrology made a comeback in Europe in the XVI and XVII century. During that period the famous astrologer William Lilly gained a lot of respect and popularity with his vast work “Christian astrology”.

At first glance horary astrology may seem very easy and simple just because it gives answers very quickly and correctly. This creates the impression that the interpretation of the diagram is simple. In fact, it is a very complicated system with many very strict rules in comparison to all the other types of astrology. Every question, every problem is interconnected by an elaborate combination of significators. The astrologer must analyze all the connections between these components in order to give the client a clear and adequate answer. Even after that is done there are a lot of rules that may define the chart as inadequate for the question for the time given.

Horary astrology gives an answer to an actual question, which necessitates a quick and pragmatic solution. This type of astrology is inadequate for answering questions about karmic relationships and lessons, future direction in life or emotional and psychological experiences. The purpose of these consults is answering questions like “Is the house I'm buying mortgaged, is everything with it's ownership settled, are there any defects in the property?”

“Will my new acquaintance turn into a real relationship?” “Will this business trip going to be successful?” and so on. Another good application of this type of astrology is to ensure that the money we are about to lend someone will be returned to us in adequate time.

While horary astrology can answer a question about the defects of the property, it is electional astrology that can assist in choosing the ideal moment for signing the contract. Even if we don't have the opportunity to plan our trip for a better time, with the help of the horary astrology we can at least know how it will go. Anyway, horary astrology should be used together with other sections of astrology for the fullest and most accurate prognosis. The answers received this way can convince even the biggest skeptics. Clients, who know the potential of horary astrology and sometimes even the astrologers themselves, continue to be amazed by the impossibly precise answers. The best thing about this type of astrology is that it shows us the good and bad sides of things so we can make a truly informed decision. For example, if the diagram shows that the new job is not better than the old one, we can reconsider leaving our current position. If the answer says that the apartment you have set your heart on will turn out to be much more expensive than expected, you can make a conscious choice if you want to take the risk and the responsibility that comes with this decision.

Not everything can be answered by this type of astrology, though. This type of diagrams can be invalidated by a lot of conditions and rules. Sometimes it’s too early for an adequate answer to be given, sometimes it's too late to change the outcome regardless of the answer the chart gives us. Other times the matter is at an unpredictable stage. There is even a rule, which states that if Saturn is in the seventh house of the diagram the astrologer will read the diagram wrong. Therefore it is suggested the astrologer shouldn’t try to analyze the chart at all.

In general the best results in terms of accuracy of the answers are derived when the mind of the client is entirely consumed and concentrated on the specific problem. Then it becomes the most important thing at the point in time when he asks the astrologer. This mindset produces the clearest diagrams and the answer can be the most useful one. When asking five or six questions, it's best for the client to clear their mind and determine what is important before turning to the horary astrology for an answer.

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