Elective astrology is the instrument through which one can choose the best, most adequate time to start something in order to achieve the biggest possible success.
Many of the rules in this section are related to the rules of horary astrology, but here they have different applications.

The chart is drawn for the place where the event is going to take place – for example, if your wedding is going to be in London, it requires the astrologer to use the coordinates and local time of London.

Choosing a specific time for an event is one of the most challenging endeavors for an astrologer.
The decision depends heavily on the combination of planetary factors during a specific interval of time. Very often it’s hard to find a truly promising date and time in the period, chosen by the client to start their business or marry their partner.

The position of The Moon is of paramount importance to elective astrology even though the planets, governing the event in question, are still very relevant to the final decision.

The aspects of the transiting Moon describe the development and the outcome of the venture. On the other hand, the good aspects between the Sun and the Moon always contribute to the satisfactory result of the event.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that the astrological election of time is precise and complicated and utterly unrelated to lunar calendars. The latter can be good for orientation when planting strawberries and flowers, but can produce devastating results if used to choose a good date for a surgery.

Lunar calendars still have their uses and can provide an interesting read in your free time but they are light years away from the intricate array of rules and requirements of the real elective astrology. The retrograde movement of the planets and especially that of Mercury can also be analyzed without knowing the other principles of elective astrology, but more as a tool for determining general guidelines for something as opposed to definite restrictions to your actions.

Before choosing the time to act, it’s best to analyze the whole personal horoscope, what is predefined by birth and what the current influences are. It’s very important to keep in mind that even the best possible choice of time for starting a business cannot create a miracle if at the same time in the birth chart Saturn, Uranus or Pluto influence negatively the birth chart. Alternatively, a carefully chosen time to look for a job cannot help you if you have different qualifications than the ones required for the desired position.

The most popular uses of elective astrology are:

• When having some kind of surgical intervention; nowadays this can be applied even to cosmetic surgeries.

• When deciding on a date for a wedding.

• When choosing a date to open or start a new business. Keep in mind that in this case there is a distinct difference between opening a shop or venue and creating an on-line service.

• When choosing a date for a job interview or an exam (when there is the option of choosing between multiple dates.)

• When choosing a time to travel, regardless if it’s for business or for pleasure.

• When starting some kind of legal proceedings or dealing with legal matters.

• When starting any kind of construction or moving into a new house or apartment.

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Date for Marriage

Choosing a date and time for signing is probably the most popular subject in elective astrology. Despite this selection is a very complicated technique which requires following a large number of rules.

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