Does the success of an enterprise depend on the positioning of the planets? Should the horoscope of the firm be taken into consideration when starting a promotion, marketing campaigns or getting a new product on the market? Do you need to consult an astrologer before conducting important negotiations or merges?

If you decide the answer to all these questions is “yes” then you need a specialist in corporate astrology. This branch of astrology is relatively popular in England and the USA. Across the ocean its services are used by many famous and rich men like James Pierpont Morgan who dominated corporate finance and industrial consolidation during his time, Walt Disney etc. Disney, in particular, organized all of his premiers and marketing campaigns with the recommendations of an astrologer while J.P. Morgan used to say “Millionaires don’t consult astrologers. Billionaires do.”.

What is corporate astrology?

In the beginning of astrological analyses is the chart of the firm or organization. There are different practices in the selection of information on which the astrological “passport” of a firm is made. According to western astrologers, the best results are derived from the chart based on the day and time the court or a notary validated the document which contain a description of the aim, the regulations, capital and the seat of the organization. When the organization is a shop, restaurant or any other sales venue the important moment is the date and time they were opened for the first time or the first work day in the new office. When this information is unknown, the chart is based on the incorporation date, the date when the contract was signed or the first day the shares of the firm went on the stock market. In all these cases of corporative astrology an analyses of past events is required in order to specify the diagram, used for future prognoses.
During the analyses it’s a good idea to take a look at the horoscope of the manager who is responsible for the decisions. A well chosen date for starting a business cannot automatically save it from the problems in its field or bad management. Still it can help when passing through problematic situations more effortlessly.

Universal recommendations for choosing a corporate chart:

To begin with, a 120 degrees angle between the Moon and Jupiter on the day when registering a new firm or starting a business is an extremely good condition. It’s even better if they are in water signs – Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio. The best time period is between 9:30 and 11:30 AM and especially the interval between 10 AM and 10:30 AM since during that time the Sun is in the eleventh House of the horoscope. This facilitates opportunities for contacts with powerful partners and previous clients. Its a good idea to avoid the periods of Mercury’s retrograde transits. Another unfavorable condition is the so-called void of course Moon . This is the time when for a brief the Moon doesn’t make any angle /aspect/ to any planet before leaving the sign..According to an article in “The Wall Street Journal” in the beginning of the 90’s, almost 90% from 1400 bankrupt businesses started with that positioning of the Moon. Another recommendation I can provide is to synchronize the astrological signs in the diagram with the type of business of the firm in question. For example, if the company will deal in luxurious goods or expensive services it’s very beneficial to choose the diagram with planets in Leo – the master of gold and luxury. The astrologer Johan Viring describes a case from his practice when a certain company tried to impose on the market a brand of luxurious cosmetics for fastidious and rich clients. Despite their professional approach and the assistance of highly qualified marketing, sales and psychology specialists, success evaded them. At that point the managers turned to an astrologer for advice. According to the astrological analyses neither the products nor the approach corresponded with the company’s horoscope. Instead of doing marketing for prestige and aesthetics, the firm should have marketed rationality and prophylactic measures since the rising sign of the company was Virgo and the Sun was in Capricorn. After the company rethought their approach the products achieved a huge success.

The studies of the common characteristics of successful businesses are a very interesting topic. In 1984 Samuel Mull took an interest to companies which have remained in high places in Standard & Poor’s 500 for decades – all of them big companies which have proved their stability through time. He examined the dates when they were registered in the commercial register. It turned out that most of the firms in this prestigious list had a Sun in either Capricorn or Cancer in their birth charts – two signs which in astrology are traditionally linked to economics and business. The biggest study of the horoscopes of successful and bankrupt companies was made by the Austrian financier and astrologer Manfred Zimmel (. As a basis for comparison he accepts the evaluation on the 7-step-scale of the Austrian Union for Creditsprotection . It turns out that among the Austrian companies the most reliable, long-lasting and cautious with their resources had a lot of planets in Capricorn in their charts. The ones with predominance in Spring or Summer signs in the chart suffer much more from bankruptcy. They have a more aggressive and innovative approach but they are more careless with their resources and don’t take into account independent evaluations. As a whole the firms, founded in the Spring, especially the ones with more planets in Taurus or Gemini, are less reliable while the ones with more planets in Sagittarius and Capricorn tend to receive higher evaluations.

The studies of American companies produce similar results. According to Zimmel many of the bankrupt ones have a Mars in either Leo of Cancer in their charts. It’s very interesting that firms with mainly harmonious aspects in their horoscopes (60 or 120 degrees angles) start and survive much easier in the beginning – which is always the most important requirement. Practice shows that in time the companies start losing their positions because of lethargy and complacency. In the charts of the truly thriving businesses like Microsoft or HP there is always a number of 90 or 180 degrees angles between planets – so-called “tense” angles. A very powerful tense configuration can be seen in the horoscope of Enron, the company which Fortune Magazine considers the most innovative among the most successful businesses and whose bankruptcy is considered the worse in the whole corporate history of the USA.

Corporate astrology can be extremely useful when choosing the moment to make promotions, conduct negotiations, opening new branches etc. The choice of time is one of the most ancient applications of astrology – in the Middle Ages it was used by royalty and high priests since the volume of calculations is enormous and took a lot of time and resources. One of the most famous cases of purposeful election of time is the founding of Constantinople, the crowning of Elizabeth I and the departure of Christopher Columbus. Actually Columbus himself was interested in astrology and the ship’s diaries show he noted the current planetary combinations. On the day of his departure the ships left the harbor at dawn and waited three hours before heading for the open sea. This way the beneficial configurations in the chart are amplified while the negative ones are evaded.

It should be noted that the choice of a good date can significantly ease the realisation of the opportunities in the birth chart or the firm’s horoscope. The Danish astrologer Karen Boesen gives the example of a big Danish company which in 1997 negotiated unsuccessfully and at great cost for the purchase of a foreign company. Both in the company horoscope and in the horoscope of the head manager there were opportunities for relations with foreign countries. But in that time they both were not positioned very well. They could have been used much more adequately by choosing a good time to act. Six months later Jupiter, the planet of expansion and success, started transiting through the Ninth House of the company’s horoscope. This is the section of every horoscope which accounts for communication with foreign countries and . During that period the company renewed the negotiations successfully, purchased the firm and currently functions as a thriving multinational business.

The horoscope of the owner of a business is the other important factor for the corporate success and development. The diagram of Microsoft is strong but Bill Gates’ personal horoscope is even more successful. He is born with a Pluto in the House of finances – a position characteristic for the charts of many millionaires. Furthermore his Pluto coincides with the planet of money – Jupiter. Aside from this both of these planets correlate with the fixed star Regulus which is known as most strong royal star. Regulus is present in the horoscopes of many famous people – for example, Napoleon, and promises extraordinary success.

On the other hand the negative influences in the horoscope of the manager always affect the position of the company. In 1998 astrologers predicted a hard period for Microsoft from 2000 until the middle of 2002. During this period the negative influences in the company’s chart are moderate but in Gates’ personal horoscope Neptune starts having a negative influence which brings intrigues, uncertainties, conflicts and a damaged public image.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?