Venus in fiery signs of the zodiac

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According to the ancient study of the Sufi deep down in our hearts there is a honey-flavored essence the color of gold which we feel as a soft and tender presence, as sweetness, as purity. They consider this to be the love as a state, the love we are born with. Later in life, as mature individuals, we feel this essence and the desire to share the sweetness with someone else, making us complete and satisfied. The astrological symbol of this golden essence can be only the planet Venus since it signifies everything we find beautiful, desirable and valuable, the way we connect to others and what we value and respect in ourselves.

In the personal horoscope the importance of Venus is defined by the zodiacal sign it’s in, through the House of the horoscope and the aspects it makes with the other planets. The sign, in which our Venus is, shows the qualities we value, the things that provoke our interest, awaken our love and define our expectations. Venus’ sign shows the way we give and receive feelings, the way we share and the things that make us feel appreciated. Even though love as an essence or energy is the same, Venus in the four elements has very different ways of manifesting therefore it’s useful to have an idea about them. Very often the problems in our relationships come from our expectations and different definitions of love, caring and sharing. Understanding others’ mindset in love sometimes could be a key moment in the relationship because then we can let the other be what he is and give him what he needs. Moreover, it’s important to know what we ourselves want and expect from love. Very often in the beginning of a relationship we forget our own needs or at least push them back in order to win the other’s love. Later on though secret or obvious desires, dissatisfactions and grievances from lacking what we need start showing.

Fiery signs

People with a Venus in a fiery sign are romantics, they believe in love at first sight, and can express their feelings in a dramatic and passionate way. In order to feel loved they need to receive awe and recognition from their partners since they are very quick to feel ignored and neglected. When they are in love, they are very giving and loving, capable of showering their partners with attention and presents. These people are more in love with love itself than with the other person. They need excitement, variety, they believe that love can be magical, thrilling and are very prone to fantasizing. People with a Venus in a fiery sign have trouble adapting to the mundane and domestic therefore they often overestimate their friends and loved ones accrediting them with qualities they don’t really posses. Usually people with such a Venus are liked for their sociability, warmth and geniality. They don’t like solitude and are the most generous, giving people, who often invite people over. Despite the fact they’re extrovert and warm people, one can’t get to know them easily, the first impression isn’t always true. They are very sensitive and intuitive, their energy is always changing and they rarely reveal themselves entirely. One thing is very clear though – if they like someone they show it without hints of hesitations so at least one can always tell whether they like them or not. They are also very good at sensing the cold in their partners and are very easily repelled by it since a Venus in a fiery sign gives a well concealed inner insecurity and vulnerability.
If you are in a relationship with such a person you should be very careful when criticising but on the other hand these people could fill your life with energy and enthusiasm.

Venus in Aries

This is probably the most passionate position of Venus so these people start relationships very easily if they feel a strong emotional attraction. They don’t like rational reasoning and very often have a very romantic view of their partner in the beginning. Usually they are very well-intentioned, even naïve, they are optimistic and direct. Deception in love is extremely hurtful to these people. They have no problem making the first move, jumping headfirst, asking for what they want directly. The energy of Aries doesn’t stand for slow acquaintances or gradual development. If a woman is looking for a man who will value her independence and will honestly support her development she should look for a man with a Venus in Aries (if, of course, the planet in his horoscope should not be afflicted/.

Moreover, people with a Venus in this position are very independent and like being unconstrained which often leads to conflicts in the relationship. They are very giving, loving and supportive but they also demand a lot of freedom and respect. It’s never boring with these people but they always bring an element of tension in the relationship. They are very vulnerable and when they feel hurt or betrayed they can be extremely angry and hot-headed. Despite this they usually believe unyieldingly in the perfect love and continue searching after every disappointment.

Venus in Leo

These people can be extremely generous, likely to protect and spoil their loved ones. They are very proud, very sensitive to neglect and can be very loyal. Despite the fact that they can accept any explanation or excuse when in love, they suffer very deeply when they register deceit or infidelity. This is the most loyal position of Venus. In order to feel loved they need to receive a lot of compliments and recognition. It’s very important for them to feel respected since they’re so proud and easily offended. As a rule, respect is extremely important for everyone with a Venus in a fiery sign. If they start feeling unappreciated or don’t respect their partner anymore, they lose their strong feelings very quickly.

People with a Venus in Leo believe they’re special and usually choose partners who reflect that. Furthermore, some of them insist on their partners being just as special. Men with this configuration very often choose actresses, singers or women from the stages or catwalks. They need to be with a queen, not with the usual woman. Women with such a Venus usually like successful and worldly men. They can be extremely passionate and temperamental, they love luxury, entertainment, parties and last but not least they like showing off with their partners. The most certain way to lose these people to somebody else is to ignore them and undermine their achievements. On the other hand, if you manage to make them happy, they can be the most giving and supportive of partners. They have a rich romantic life and are capable of very long-lasting love but if they find a new partner they can transfer all of that passion and feelings entirely to their partner.

Venus in Sagittarius

These people want to share everything they do with their partner. Usually they are dynamic, always moving, always organizing something, know all the clubs, concerts and love everything modern. Some of them are snobby; others just like the novelty, adrenaline, everything that creates liveliness. They love conversing, humor and are usually very good at entertaining their friends. People with a Venus in Sagittarius also like to display their feelings in a dramatic way to some degrees so their relationships tend to be very dramatic. In most cases they are direct and honest. They don’t flatter, don’t make compliments, they just state their opinion and they value this quality in their partners too.

Usually they don’t like domestic comfort and try to fill their lives with more fun and adventures. They need freedom and personal space so if their partner is obsessive or jealous they don’t wait too long before packing their bags. In most cases they give their partners equal freedom and space. They fall in love easily but rarely give in a 100% and despise mundane and boring duties and domestic problems. They’re impulsive and could jump in the deep, but they might end up searching for the exit for a very long time.

They’re extremely idealistic and see and expect the best from their partners. Their idealism often leads to disappointment and because it’s very hard for their partners to rise to the high expectations of Venus in Sagittarius. They also have a tendency for changing partners frequently since they believe that meeting the perfect partner is only a question of time. Venus in Sagittarius likes living in the future and has a hard time staying in the present. They need their partner to share their interests, hobbies and ideas while giving them enough freedom. If these conditions are fulfilled, they are wonderful, optimistic, warm and generous partners who keep bringing new elements into the relationship.