Choosing a proper date for marriage

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Choosing a date and time for signing is probably the most popular subject in elective astrology. Despite this selection is a very complicated technique which requires following a large number of rules. I think the basic requirements should be clear to both the astrologer and the clients so they know what to expect from the consult.
A well-chosen date can fix a lot of the problems in both horoscopes and the compatibility. It can also soften a lot of the potential conflicts through which the couple will have to go in order to create the desired harmony. Still, the right moment for signing isn’t a perfect remedy and it can’t remove the hard indications in the birth charts or the critical conflicts resulting from a big number of inharmonic aspects between the two birth charts.

The astrologer’s job is very complicated because the diagram has to be equally beneficial for both partners.

First of all it’s best if there aren’t any difficult influences by Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in both birth charts. I have to note that in real life a lot of people are pressured to sign exactly during the hard transits of Saturn – after all this planet is the ruler of our earthly tasks and frequently pushes us to do things.

It’s very important not to sign during the retrograde transit of Mercury or Venus. According to statistics made by American astrologers these marriages have an exceptionally high divorce rate even if the couple has been living together for a couple of years and the relationship is stable.

I have to note that in Bulgaria the valid marriage is the civil marriage – the one signed in City hall, not the one in the church. This can be a relief since in a lot of cases it’s hard to find a good date during a weekend. As a result the couple can sign in the chosen time and have the ceremony and celebration during the weekend. A lot of clients ask me if the more important moment isn’t the making of the wedding vows in church since people put a deeper meaning in them. If they feel it’s more important than signing the civil marriage the choice is theirs but I think astrology is a science with well established and time-tested rules and it’s better to follow them for the best results.

Marriage is the topic of the Seventh House in the horoscope. The chart for the day and time of the signing has to reflect the couple’s situation. According to the classic elective astrology the planet ruling the ascendant is the symbol of the groom and the ruler of the descendant – the symbol of the bride. These planets have to be in a sign that is good for them, in good aspects with one another and if possible – in good aspects with the Moon. In addition Venus and Mars – the general significations for love and marriage have to be in appropriate signs and in harmony with one another.

It’s important that the Moon in the chart is in a good position because it governs women and children. The Moon should never be in the so called Void of Course because this position stops all development. It’s good to choose such a chart without aspects between malicious planets. It’s very important that the last aspect of the Moon before going out of the sign is positive. It’s also very beneficial if the Moon is increasing.

The Sun and the Moon are the natural significations of the male and the female beginning therefore it’s good for them to be in a good aspect. Also it’s very important to keep an eye on the planets in the Seventh House – the House of marriage and in the Fifth House – the House of children. The malicious planets in these Houses usually don’t promise happy events so it’s better if there are beneficial planets. The Moon has to be in a good position in relation to the ruler of the Seventh House or the planets in it.

Due to all of these complex requirements calculating a really good chart for a wedding isn’t an easy task. Sometimes even in a period of 30 or 45 days there isn’t a good enough date. Furthermore it’s even harder if the client insists to find a date during the weekend. After all sometimes people can’t wait for the perfect date or they’re not always convinces they should.

A good principle for such cases is the principle of the periods of planets which is in the core of ancient Cabala. This science is famous for the effectiveness of its principles on the success of people. According to Cabala every human being has its own vibration and its life follows a certain rhythm regardless of people’s realization. The 365 days in a year are divided into 7 periods of 52 days.

These periods in turn are governed by the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. They are calculated with the person’s birthday as the first day of the year.

The first of the 52 days of the Sun is the person’s birthday. According to Cabala the next 52 days are the strongest period of the year (of course if there aren’t really hard influences in the birth chart for the year). This is the perfect period for all new enterprises; these days give the person a lot of strength, creativity, luck and new experience.

The next 52 days are governed by the Moon – this is a period full of small changes, it’s a good time for making changes at home and making important decisions. This period can have some very good days – due to the rising Moon with its positive pulsations and some very bad days – due to the waning Moon with its negative effect.

The next 52 days, ruled by Mars are usually a harder period, full of conflicts, annoyances and hastiness. On the other hand these days can result in manifestations of very strong will, magnetism, physical vitality and elevated sexual energy. During this period the Universe gives us a lot of energy and it’s up to us whether we will use it to improve or destroy our lives through hastiness and ruthlessness. It’s a good idea to watch out for incidents.

The next 52 days are Mercury’s days – beneficial for everything related to writing, learning, communication, intellectual pursuits and publishing. They’re full of changes and our intuition should register the opportunities. The time is very good for travelling, making new contacts and making decisions regarding studying.

The next 52 days are the wonderful days of Jupiter – the planet of material and spiritual affluence. According to Cabala this is a period during which the Master of prosperity smiles down on us. It’s a good time for dealing with anything related to money, justice, legalization, investment, studying, growth and expansion. This is the best time for using our full potential or meeting our favourite people.

The next 52 days are Venus’ period – a very good time for people with artistic professions, it’s a good time for treating ourselves to beautiful and expensive things. The period is good for relaxing, enjoying ourselves, making decisions regarding personal relationships, making new friends, travelling far away. It’s a very good moment for new relationships, for rekindling old ones, for finding true love and getting married.

The last 52 days are the days of Saturn – the well-known Saturnine trap before people’s birthday. The energy diminishes so it’s necessary to keep the emotional balance during the whole period in order to balance the mind. It’s a good idea to start meditating or doing yoga, it’s important to put thought into what and how much you eat, it’s a time for analyzing, thinking, studying in order to prevent the depression and the feeling of limitation. This is not a good time for making decisions, one should focus on strengthening the aura in order to keep away the negative energy and regenerate their resources. Sometimes during this period there are successful deals with real estate.

According to the Law of the seven creative planets in Cabala it’s best to sign or start a relationship during the periods of the Sun, Jupiter and Venus. The perfect moment is during one of these periods when the Moon is increasing. In this case this will give the most chance to the relationship in case of any crises. It’s unnecessary to specify that this goes for both partners otherwise the marriage can result differently for the two.

If the wedding is during the period of the Moon and Mercury then it should be on an increasing Moon – from new Moon until the day before the full Moon. The waning Moon during these periods can be very harmful and with the effect of Saturn and Mars.
Signing during the periods of Saturn and Mars is extremely unfavourable and increases the possibility of a crisis in the marriage. This goes also for starting new relationships during this period. In Cabala it’s even recommended to divorce and re-marry in some of the most beneficial periods if live starts constantly throwing marital problems your way.