After finishing my technical education, specialization and my graduate degree in the field of applied mathematics and mechanic in 1995 I found astrology. I have been working with clients since 1999. My main interests are natal, prognostic, horary and business astrology. However, when it comes to the practical application of astrology I don’t think it can be viewed as a mechanical system of separate departments. This vast science is today still the most comprehensive off all esoteric sciences is a dynamic system of mathematical apparatus and principles and empirical experience, acquired during centuries. It is still expanded and enriched today with new subjects like financial astrology and psychological astrology which link natal astrology with the development of modern psychology.

This is why I think that every consultation has to use simultaneously different departments of astrology. The daily situations in our lives cannot be separated and viewed as separate fragments. This is why it’s impossible for example to arrive at a right and complete answer only through the use of horary astrology without using the classical methods for prognosis based on the birth chart. Very often my clients want to see the synastry for a particular relationship. After that it becomes clear that they actually want to know whether there will be a relationship and how it will develop. In most cases these things are determined by the harmonic and inharmonious aspects in both charts.

I have never accepted the idea that it is possible to make analysis in a separate part of astrology without using the complex opportunities in this science.

Another important question which is often asked and which often scares people is how far our fate is written and how much can we change through our free will.

My personal experience shows me that some of the events in our lives are really predefined from the moment of our birth and maybe even before it. There are situations when our only option is to accept what has happened and move on. The other alternative is to deny the events and drown in resistance and bitterness, sometimes for many years. However, in most of the situations in our lives we have the opportunity to influence our fate through personal actions and decisions. In this regard, for me, the horoscope is a matrix which establishes different possible life lines which we could take and develop. The choice of a particular line depends on many factors, in many cases karmic factors come into play too. Still these situations are our opportunity to show our free will and shape our own lives.

In many cases the prognosis in astrology are similar to the weather forecast – there is a time to sow, a time during which you have to wait for the crops to grow and a time to reap the benefits of your efforts. None of these stages will come without our efforts and determination. Even the best combination of planetary influences cannot bring us success at work if the years before were wasted instead of used to acquire education and professional experience. Even the best choice of a date for starting a business cannot compensate for its bad management. The opposite – starting a business at a bad time and being unable to achieve success is also very common. This is why the good choice of time for action is like sowing the seeds when the weather is best. This is the way to counter the probabilities of life. For me astrology is one of the ways to find a way through the chaos and uncertainty of life which are becoming more and more apparent. For me astrology is an instrument, which we can use to battle out fears and provide faith and light in the process of constant changes.

I am also convinced that in order to be able to see and realize the opportunities which are set in a horoscope it takes work to develop your consciousness. I have been using different methods for years to develop spiritually as well as different meditative techniques. For the past two years I have developed an interest in the study of Enneagrams.

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.


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